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Justin Bieber Stolen Laptop: Nude Pics & Videos
Justin Bieber stolen laptop pics! It’s confirmed Justin's laptop was stolen and the guy is blackmailing Bieber with threats of exposure. It’s too late Justin! issued a statement saying “the laptop was really stolen and they are trying to cover it up by saying it was a prank. It worked and everyone believed them, however, we have the pics. It was a coincidence that his video was released during the same time that this happened.”

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Shocking Hulk Hogan Sex Tape!
Kayne West banging Hulk Hogan in hot new sex tape! The most bizarre sex tape ever? The female is thought to be Heather Clem, ex-wife of Hulk's best friend, radio DJ Bubba the Love Sponge. Starring Clem, Hulk and Bubba, the tape is nearly 30 minutes long.
In the clip, the professional wrestler can be seen engaging in a sex act with the brunette after his friend Bubba leaves the room. At one point it's said the Hulk asks his partner if she had slept Bubba earlier that day. Who won't do a sex tape these days!?

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Kanye West / Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!
Kanye West banging Kim Kardashian in hot new sex tape! The latest celebrity scandal is the new Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sextape. Supposedly, this is Kanye West banging the shit out of Kim Kardashian. She blows his big black cock and then he fucks her in both holes. feels "by making a Kanye West sex-tape public, that he and current girlfriend Kim Kardashian will become the first celebrity sex-tape power couple". Its unreal the things that celebs are doing for publicity these days!

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Prince Harry Naked Las Vegas Party
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Prince Harry is no stranger to controversy and has been involved in his fair share of scandals. Recently the prince was partying it up in Las Vegas in the high roller suite. He brought a bunch of girls up to his room from the bar and the fun began. In just a short time later, Prince Harry was completely naked and waving his big dick around.

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